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Free Steam Games

ssOur latest Steam Game Adder is finally available for download. This program utilizes a rare exploit in the Steam servers to deliver games to your account.

There is no trace left, so it is completely safe to add the games to your account.

We currently have more than 200 games included in our game adder including the Left 4 Dead, GTA,  Portal, and COD series!

If a game does not have a check box next to it in the adder, you can easily click the Game not here button to try and type its name in. Ensure that you do so exactly as it appears in the Steam store. Odds are we will have it!

Our game adder is:

  • 100% virus free (virus scan)
  • Reliable (updates are always available on our site)
  • Easy to use
  • Fast – adding the games will only take up to one day assuming Steam’s servers are up and running correctly (many games take longer than a few games)

Download below: